Home Based Business Idea: Affiliate Marketing Basics

In this episode of Start A Business With Startup Daddy, I talk about Affiliate Marketing.  It is a type of home based business that offers flexible hours and location, as well as leaving plenty of time in your day to spend with your family or to pursue other interests.

I explain what affiliate marketing is, the different types of affiliate programs, where to find and apply for affiliate programs, and where to go to learn more about it.

Places I mention in this podcast episode:

Listen here:

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  1. Bill Malizia says:

    Hi Ian,

    Great episode! I really enjoy all of your episodes because they are easy
    to follow, give something of value (links to helpful sites, etc.), stay
    on topic. I am extremely interested in affiliate marketing, so this episode was perfect for me.
    I will be checking out the sites you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.


  2. Ian Gordon says:

    I usually don’t allow comments that don’t seem like they are from real, sincere people, but I will address why I didn’t go deeper into affiliate marketing. First, adsense and affiliate marketing can both be very profitable, or a huge waste of time. Like most things, it depends entirely on your dedication to learning and the effort you put into it.

    I didn’t go deeper because I wanted to give a general overview of what these things were, and provide some tools and guidance as to where you can learn more about them if you are interested.

    This is not a “make money online podcast” and I don’t have enough interest or expertise to try to teach PPC and affiliate marketing. Because it is a viable way to make money from home, that doesn’t require a lot of hours per day, I wanted to bring it to your attention. I do know some people who are knowledgeable in this field, so if there is enough interest, maybe I can contact one and do a show that goes more in depth into the subject. Let me know.


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