Here is a list of of website links for all of the Secretary of State Offices for the 50 states in the US, plus Washington DC.  This is where you will find information about forming a legal entity like a corporation or Limited Liability Company as well as other information about doing business in the state where you live.

Most will have fill in the blank forms to establish your LLC or corporation as well as instructions and filing fee requirements.

This list was updated on May 19, 2010.

From time to time, a state will change the linking and structure of it’s website.  Please leave a comment if you find any of the links broken, so I can keep the list updated.  Thanks!

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    • Ian Gordon says:

      If you are referring to the templetes for LLC, etc., you need to follow the link for you state, and find them on their website.  If you are referring to the business plan templates I give away, Top right :) 


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