The first thing I would like to disclose is that I have modeled (i.e. copied, stolen) this page from Christopher Penn.  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Chris must be one of the most flattered people on earth.

Pursuant to  FTC regulations, I’ve created up this all-encompassing page of disclosures so that it’s perfectly clear when I’m writing on behalf of someone else.

People Who Employ Me

Myself.  My primary business at the time of this writing (see updated date at the bottom of the page), is Memory Deck.  We are a software company that makes flash card applications for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch.  I also have other businesses and websites that make me money.

I’m not a communist, and though I do love helping other people achieve success, if I can use this website or Podcast to make my businesses more successful, I will.

Statement on Affiliate Marketing

I’m going to try to make money off of you when it’s appropriate. I’ll post stuff for sale on which I get paid a commission.  Assume every link is an affiliate link just for safety, though I’ll use in-post disclosures when and where I can.   My only promise to you is that I won’t market crap to you.  Though this is, of course, subjective.  If I try to sell you something, it won’t suck.

I even recorded a podcast episode discussing Affiliate Marketing.

Statement on Privacy

Assume you have none anywhere on the Internet and you’ll never be disappointed. Don’t ever submit to me anything you wouldn’t put up on a public bulletin board.  Assume that everything is on the record, because it probably is – there’s a security camera somewhere, watching you right now.

Statement on Unsolicited Items and Reviews

You’re welcome to send them to me, but they’re not coming back.  By sending me something to review, you understand that I may or may not review it, and I do not guarantee any outcome of the review.

If your product sucks, I’m going to say so in no uncertain words.

If I do review something you sent me, I will disclose that I got it from you.  No exceptions.

If it’s great, I’ll tell people about it.  If it’s terrible, likewise.

That is all.

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