You Can’t Build an Ark When It’s Raining

The Importance of Expanding Your Personal and Business Network The importance of your personal and business network cannot be overestimated.  When I talk about network I am not talking about the way your computers talk to each other or the internet, I am talking about the people you know and that know you.  This has […]

Review of UnMarketing, by Scott Stratten

I don’t do a lot of reviews here, but since the interview I did with Scott Stratten was one of the most listened to and commented on episodes of Startup Daddy, I figure I owed it to him and you to check out the book once it came out. I pre-ordered the book because I […]

Secretary of State Websites for All U.S. States + Washington DC

Here is a list of of website links for all of the Secretary of State Offices for the 50 states in the US, plus Washington DC.  This is where you will find information about forming a legal entity like a corporation or Limited Liability Company as well as other information about doing business in the […]

To Succeed In Business Be A Chef, Not A Cook

I have a lot of irons in the fire. All of the successful entrepreneurs I know, do too. If you have the mind of an entrepreneur, you are constantly seeing new opportunities. You come up with business ideas like authors come up with story ideas. Good business is art.  To create great art, you need […]

Recommended Reading

Here are some books that I recommend. I have read them all, and they have all influenced how I think and act as an entrepreneur. It is far from a complete list of good business books, but it’s a great start. These are affiliate links. If you are concerned with this, it may be a […]