Are You Sure You’re Working On the Right Things for Your Business?

Are you working on the things that will move you forward, or are you letting others dictate your priorities? This is a big one, and something I still struggle with from time to time.

It is so easy to let your inbox dicate your day. You may try to get organized- write out a todo list the night before, then you open your email when you wake up and there a few things that need your attention. So you address them.  Then you check your inbox again before knocking out those todos, and there are a few more quick things waiting for you.

Before you know it, it’s noon and you haven’t even looked at your own todo list. It has literally taken me years to tackle setting my own priorities for the day. Of course there are those truly important things that happen that need your immediate attention. Some even end up blowing up your plans for the day. Those things are few though.

I’ve started setting my priority list the nights before. Not a todo list, but a priority list. Instead of a laundry list of tasks, I write a list of priorities. I number each thing in the order of priority. So if I only end up doing one thing on my list that day, at least I know it’s the most important thing.

Now when something hits my inbox I’m able to ask myself, is this more important than the thing I was going to do right now? Sometimes it is, but usually it isn’t.

See if turning your todo list into a priority list makes a difference for you this week.