The first thing I would like to disclose is that I have modeled (i.e. copied, stolen) this page from Christopher Penn.  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Chris must be one of the most flattered people on earth. Pursuant to  FTC regulations, I’ve created up this all-encompassing page of disclosures so that it’s […]

When To Keep Your Day Job and NOT Start A Business.

In the last episode of Startup Daddy, Scott Stratten got me thinking about why someone should consider not starting a business. He said that nobody really talks about it and he’s right.  So I’m saying it now. You may not be cut out to be an entrepreneur.  If you’re not, you should not start your […]

Grass Roots Marketing Is Alive and Well and Working

I participated in Podcamp Toronto this weekend, and I was thinking about how to share my experience with you in a way that would benefit you most.  So I won’t post the slides from my presentation, and I’m not going to write about how attending and presenting at conferences is one of the best ways […]

I Wrote On Dad-O-Matic Today About Talking To My Daughter About Haiti

I wrote a post for Dad-O-Matic about talking to our 6 year old about the earthquake in Haiti, and all of the horrific images she catches on TV now and then.  It’s never easy to talk to your kids about death and tragedy but it’s important.  It’s not the usual business fair, but you can […]

I’m Taking A Mulligan For 2009

I’m taking a mulligan for 2009.  In golf, a mulligan is when you hit the ball poorly, into the woods or a lake, or five feet in front of you, and you want a do over. I know a lot about mulligans.  I was inspired by CC Chapman, who had a bad week, and called […]