Why The Google Announcement About China Is A Really Big Deal

Google made a huge announcement today.  Essentially, because of an attempt by the Chinese Government to hack the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, Google has made a decision that will likely lead to their leaving China. In 2006, in order to make the deal in China, Google agreed to censor some search results. […]

What Do You Think, The World Started When You Were Born?!

I’m Lucky.  I’m Old.  At least that’s what my 6 year old told me recently.  I’m 41, so I am lucky enough to have grown up in a world without the internet which helps me appreciate it.  It also helps me factor in how technology is perceived differently among different generations.  I read a blog […]

10 Reasons I am Thankful To Be Living In Canada

Last year my wife and I packed up our family and moved to Toronto.  We didn’t have any grand expectations of a better life, we just wanted our kids to grow up near the huge extended family that was waiting for us here.  I have to admit that the transition has been harder for me […]

20 Steps To Starting A Business: The Home Business Startup Checklist

Starting a business can be a scary, intimidating affair if you have never done it before.  The most common question I am asked is, “Where do I start?”  That is why in my very first podcast episode, I talk about the Business Startup Checklist.  It is a list of steps first-time business owners can use […]

Some People You Should Know

Nobody makes it on their own. Not in business, not in life.  To be successful you need to have people that teach and inspire you, not just directly but through their actions.  So I am going to start recommending some of the people I think you should know.  These are people that I learn from […]