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Facebook Social Plugins- Do You Like It, Or Do You Like Like It?

In this edition of Startup Daddy, I talk about changes Facebook made this week, and Facebook Social Plugins. They are big changes that impact not only traffic to your website, but the way you can market your business.

If you have a Facebook Fan Page for your business or yourself, you need to know that Facebook changed the “Become a Fan” button, to “Like.”  The other thing Facebook did, which is significantly more important, is that they just took their Like button, and put it all over the internet.

Facebook provides a tool that outputs the code you can place on your website to include a “Like” button.  After you install the code, this is what it looks like on your site:

Screen shot- Facebook Like Button

When someone clicks the Like button, this is what it looks like on Facebook:

screen shot of Facebook News Feed after you hit Like button

After listening, follow the link below to learn how to implement the Facebook Like button on your site.

I also talk about a non-profit I have become involved with, called the Mikey Network.  The Mikey Network  works to create public awareness and provide education about heart healthy lifestyles. They are committed to placing public access defibrillators, which they call “MIKEYs” in as many high-risk locations as possible.  This is a great cause and it’s near and dear to me personally, as my Uncle’s company started this non-profit.  Please help me support the Mikey Network.

Links to things I talked about in this episode:

The Facebook’s page for their Facebook Social Plugins

Chris Penn’s post on the Blue Sky Factory Blog: How to implement 2 Facebook Social Plugins in less than 5 minutes.

Facebook Fan Page for the Mikey Network– Please Join!

My Fundraising Page to make a donation to support the Mikey Network’s sponsorship of the Cardiac Health Foundation WALK OF LIFE.  Anything helps! Event Has Passed

Listen here:

Download the Mp3 for this episode

In addition to any questions or comments about the episode, if you make a donation on my fundraising page, please leave a comment here so I can give you a shoutout in the next episode.

Thank you!

Startup Daddy is a Business Startup Podcast hosted by Ian Gordon.  We discuss the issues surrounding getting a business started, and growing that business once you get it off the ground.

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