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Getting Your Business Off To A Great Start

In this episode, of Startup Daddy I talk about some things you can do to get your business off to a great start in the coming year.

  • I cover the 3 Words exercise started by Chris Brogan, where you pick 3 words that will frame your year. If you pick three words, please drop them in the comments below.
  • I talk about Mailstrom, a tool that in their words, puts you back in control of your inbox — power through thousands of messages in just a few clicks. I tried it out, and Mailstrom did help me get my inbox under control. Give it a try.
  • Archiving and backing up your important data

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Startup Daddy is a Business Startup Podcast hosted by Ian Gordon.  We discuss the issues surrounding getting a business started, and growing that business once you get it off the ground.


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  1. Bill Malizia says:

    Great to have you back! My three words are:
    1. Clarity: Getting clear on exactly what I want to do and what I want to Accomplish.
    2. Focus: Avoid distractions, stay on task, and finish what I start.
    3. Relax: Take time for myself, my family and friends, don’t take myself to seriously  and      have fun while at work and at play.

    I use Google drive to back up most of my data and also use Evernote premium to store and organize a lot of my paperwork, notes, and ideas.

    I will check out Mailstrom sounds interesting.
    Great podcast,I always find one or two things that are helpful.

    Bill Malizia

  2. Glynn Bradley says:


    It is a new year and a New Company!

    My three words are:
    Determination: Get Started on my new venture
    Study: Learn all I can from Sucessful People
    Excitement: Have dreams and work hard

    I am new on here and wish everyone well

    Glynn Bradley

  3. Focusonschool says:

    Hey…I love the Sunday Newsletter.. it’s not overwhelming and it’s a nice way to stay focused on starting the week, just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work

  4. Dtancar says:

    Hey I need a Business Plan template asap I thought I would find it on your site???>/.

    • Ian Gordon says:

      It looks like the email newsletter signup form dropped off the sidebar here. Sorry about that. I’ll get that fixed asap. Meanwhile, just go to the home page and sign up for the newsletter to get an email with the Business Plan templates download link.

  5. Jess says:

    I am brand new to your site. Love the 3 word idea. I came here trying to figure out how to put my ideas into some kind of plan that will actually become reality.

    Hope: make my dreams become reality

    Determination: keep striving for what I want

    Thankful: to wake up this morning

  6. Iyas Gusau says:

    I just want to say thank you very much for the Business Planning Template are very helpful. I’m glad i found your site and looking forward for more of your good work.


  7. Happiness says:

    Ian. Thanks for the great and inspirating words. I have always and still want to start small business but always difficult to get a starting boost and always challenging in business name selection. My three words-great planning success. God bless your great heart and sharing.

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