The Productivity Podcast: How To Get Into Getting Things Done

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In this episode of Start A Business With Startup Daddy, I talk about productivity, and two books that have put me on the path to getting more done each day: Getting Things Done, by David Allen and Zen to Done, by Leo Babauta.

In order to accomplish all I have to in a given day, and still get home to spend time with my girls before bedtime, I need a system that allows me to get a hold of how I spend my time.  I got the help I needed to develop a system that works for me, in these two books.

The Two Books

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, by David Allen

Zen To Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System, by Leo Babauta [EBook]

Here are some other resources I have used to implement GTD, and stay on my path to being more productive:

Productivity Blogs I read:

43 Folders

Black Belt Productivity


A list of resources from Zen Habits, far greater than I could make up: Massive GTD Resource List

Listen here:

3 replies
  1. conan says:

    Hi & thanks for your podcasts. They’ve got me excited and motivated again. I’ve been trying to “start something” for the last 12 years but somehow never seem to get there.

    I’d like more information on the researching-your-market phase of starting a business. Lots of people say to do it but I’ve seen little practical advice on exactly how it’s done.

    Again, thanks.

  2. Ian Gordon says:

    Sorry for the delayed response. I just got back from a family vacation, and I try to unplug when I am away. A lot of people take a long time to make the leap, so don’t let that discourage you.

    Great topic suggestion. I planned to cover this subject in an upcoming podcast, so stay tuned.

  3. Sokino says:

    I like the pod cast, but I wish there were more or at least done with more frequency.



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