The Business Plan Video: Elements of the business plan VIDEO PODCAST

This episode of Startup Daddy is my first Video Podcast. I made a video that talks about the different kinds of business plans and the elements that a business plan should contain.

About a month ago, I posted this video to YouTube. When I compare my statistics for the number of people who listen to this podcast to the number of people who visit this site, there are a lot more of you who listen than visit. I have absolutely no problem with this. I am honored that you choose to listen to me at all. So I made the video into a podcast episode so that the subscriber only folks can have a look.

Download Video

UPDATE: The first file would play in iTunes, but would not transfer to iPhones or iPod Touches for some reason. I have replaced the file, and all should be well now.

So what do you think? Should I do more video?

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