An Invitation To Belong To Something New

Happy Sunday ! It’s a long weekend in Canada, and with most of the working world here taking a 3 day weekend, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on some work projects.

So a while back, I sent an invitation to unsubscribe. This was meant with some confusion. Today, I’m going to be more clear.

I wanted to create a place where you could ask and answer questions of other people just like you. People who are starting or running a business- fellow members of the Startup Daddy community. I was deciding between LinkedIn and Facebook, and I asked for your input as well.

Your feedback was pretty well split, and in the end, a LinkedIn group seemed to be the best option. First, it’s a place where people go to talk business. More importantly, there are just better options for YOU to ask and answer questions of each other there.

While I will be managing the group, I wanted this to be your place. I want you to start discussions. I want you to answer other people’s questions when you can.

Starting a business can be quite lonely. You work crazy hours, and it’s a lot of work. Many of us don’t have a group of other business owners to talk to. For many of us there are things we can’t even talk about with our spouses and friends. Not because these things are secrets, but because these people don’t have the frame of reference to have the conversation.

So I created the Startup Daddy LinkedIn Group.

If you’ve participated LinkedIn groups before, you may have noticed a huge amount of self promotion and spam. I don’t know a lot about how things will go with the group, but I can promise you it will not be littered with spam and spammers :)

Not only will I have the ability to delete spammy stuff and ban the spammers, You will too! I think this form of self regulation is one of the finest forms of democracy. So be liberal with the ban hammer. This is your house. Keep it clean :)

I really do hope you will join in and participate in our new Startup Daddy LinkedIn Group.

I’ve seeded the discussion with a thread about business books. Have you read any good ones lately? If so, add your thoughts.

Feel free to add your own discussions and questions as well!

I hope you’ll accept this invitation to belong. If you do, I’ll see you inside. If not, that’s cool too. See you next week.

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