episodes of Startup Daddy podcast

Year End and New Beginnings

In this episode of Startup Daddy, I’m going to talk about a new business I’m starting, and some tools I am using to collaborate with a partner in another Country.  In today’s time saver quick tip, I’m going to talk about some things that will help save you some time and money when it’s time […]

The Business Plan Video: Elements of the business plan VIDEO PODCAST

This episode of Startup Daddy is my first Video Podcast. I made a video that talks about the different kinds of business plans and the elements that a business plan should contain. About a month ago, I posted this video to YouTube. When I compare my statistics for the number of people who listen to […]

Interview With Marc Warnke Author Of ONO: Options Not Obligations

In this episode of Startup Daddy I have a conversation with Marc Warnke,  author of ONO: Options Not Obligations.   A few months ago Marc popped up on my radar as he was promoting his book.  What made me stop and take notice was his concept of the Family First Entrepreneur.  This has been the way […]

What Bill Clinton Said At The Canadian National Exhibition That Every Entrepreneur Should Hear

This past Saturday, I went to see Bill Clinton speak at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), or as the locals call it, the EX.  Whatever you think of Bill Clinton, and whatever your political views are, he said some things during his speech that every entrepreneur should hear. Though he attended the funeral for Ted […]

Q & A: Answering Startup Questions From The Audience

In this episode of Startup Daddy , I answer questions from YOU.  I really want to help you get your businesses started, and one of the ways I back that up with action is to invite you to send me your questions.  I want this to be a conversation, not a lecture.  A lot of […]