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Basic Financial Statements, Cash Flow, And Why You Should Write A Business Plan

In this episode of the Startup Daddy podcast, I talk about the importance of writing at least a basic business plan, and how to tackle some basic financial statements: Startup Expense Table, Break-even Analysis, and Cash Flow Statement. When you write a business plan, the process is the juice.  Going through the research and thought […]

How To Get Started With Market Research and Evaluate Business Opportunities

In this episode of the Startup Daddy Podcast, I talk about how to conduct initial market research to determine of there is a market or potential market for a particular product or service.  I also talk about some ways to evaluate an opportunity and some tools I use for market research. Today’s feature segment is […]

Online Bookkeeping and Invoicing

There was a weird problem with iTunes where many of you downloaded a file that was silent.  I thought the best thing to do, was to repost the file and give it a whole new record, so iTunes would look at it as a whole new podcast.  This way, if you are subscribed, you will […]

The Productivity Podcast: How To Get Into Getting Things Done

In this episode of Start A Business With Startup Daddy, I talk about productivity, and two books that have put me on the path to getting more done each day: Getting Things Done, by David Allen and Zen to Done, by Leo Babauta. In order to accomplish all I have to in a given day, […]

Home Based Business Idea: Affiliate Marketing Basics

In this episode of Start A Business With Startup Daddy, I talk about Affiliate Marketing.  It is a type of home based business that offers flexible hours and location, as well as leaving plenty of time in your day to spend with your family or to pursue other interests. I explain what affiliate marketing is, […]