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Doing The Work, Business Plans, Presentations and Pitches

In this episode, of Startup Daddy, I answer some questions from audience email.  Some of the topics covered include:

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Startup Daddy is a Business Startup Podcast hosted by Ian Gordon.  We discuss the issues surrounding getting a business started, and growing your business once you get it off the ground.

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  1. Phil @ Entrepreneur Forum says:

    I have not looked into getting funding before so have never done a full business plan I just judge it on how much profits it makes. I consider funding as debt on the company and in a way it functions in a similar way.

    • Ian Gordon says:

      Phil, you are dead on.  Most companies never need funding.  There are so many more reasons to do a business plan though!  Just going through the process of creating the document will give you insights into your business that are well worth the effort.

  2. Rio 91 Rj says:

    speaking of funding… I downloaded the business plan template and have filled out all the mission statement and core competencies and iv got that all under control. However im stuck at the market research I need the secondary Research data however i can only find it available from big market research companies offering private company data  of which i cant afford.  im intending to start a street wear clothing lable if that helps. does any one have any suggestions where i can get data on the market share and so on I would really appreciate it.

    • Ian Gordon says:

      What are you having trouble with?  The links in this post are not downloads, but links to other content.  The episode link works if you are trying to download that, and the links for the Bplan templates are sent when you sign up to the newsletter.


  3. ruben says:

    First newsletter I have ever signed up for willingly (I have been using the internet since 1999). Thank you for your information.

  4. MrJTherapy says:

    Just want to say Thanks, It is absolutely essential I get my business plan up and running. I am a Hip Hop Artist that finds 98% of Hip Hop is Garbage. Violence, Women Degradation, Drugs, criminal Activity; simply put, the glorification of Evil!, I was Born to Change ALL of it. I have a Message with all my lyrics and believe God blessed me with this talent to educate people, from Kids on up. I’m Working on my B.S. in Music Business Through Full Sail University and I am learning Gold there but I’ll be 29 Dec 19th and I can’t wait any longer. I have to have my Plan well organized and put into action ASAP or I feel as though I may Miss the boat so to speak. I appreciate the Knowledge you are passing on and I do have a great desire to Teach people with the drive to make a living doing what they Love. 
    I Know we are blessed men and I wanted to share this with you Friend.
    God Bless and I’ll be staying In touch.
    Josiah Kostek AKA J Therapy (CEO & Founder of Can’t Get Right Entertainment) “Future LLC”

  5. elvis says:

    i am a single parent i want to start my business. i recently register a company, it contains contractions and renovations, catering,training,goods supply,transportation,cleaning and di-bushing. But i don’t have the business plan.

  6. Aspyn says:

    I want to start a contacting business but I need some help I have the man power and all the tools but no business

  7. Femi says:

    Nice stuff you have here. but my concern is how to raise the fund for the startup business, can you give a link on viable VC or better still any funding link?

  8. Moazam says:

    Hi Ian,

    Many thanks for the start up documents, they mean to me a firm, dedicated and professional way of looking into my own business requirements. I have always been in need of some basic tools which will give my thoughts wings to fly. I have found them through you.

    Thank you once again..


  9. Luyanda Huna says:

    I am greatfull for the information i got from you Mr. Gordon may God blass you and send more angels like you… If you know any links for funding please shere them. I need to start as soon as posible. P.S Thank you.

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